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I need help getting over my first love..


We could never find each other becuase we settled for who we became comfortable with.

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The worst type of people pretend like they give a shit

Currently searching for a friend..

At this point in my life I feel like theres no hope for me I thought falling in love would prove to me tht happiness is uptainable but I truely hate it, I hate caring so much about one person its absolutely exshausting I hate it..wat type of person hates to be in love? I can’t explain it or at this point understand it. My life has been frustrating to say the least ive had increasingly vivid thoughts of suicide or running away from everything. I don’t know how to fix anything & the anxiety is suffocating
…. Depression puts dark glasses on the outlook of the depressed person. Everyone in a depressed person’s life, and particularly those closest, appears to have many faults. In addition, hopelessness about things ever getting better in the future is a hallmark of depressive thinking.


Ive come to the conclusion that love SUCKS

"Finally saw The Great Gatsby today it was amazing but I can’t really say I liked it cause I always want a different ending, I want daisy to leave tom & call Gatsby so they leave before hes killed, I want Daisy not to be careless fool & Gatsby to reinvent the past but then it wouldn’t be the same the soundtracks Very ill"

"I dreamt of Paris again last night"


<3 i ABSOLUTELY love this guy 

Reason is what stops emotion from becoming motives 


Africa: people from the West African coast - Gabon, Guinea, Senegal…
Auguste racinet, from Le costume historique (The costume history) vol. 2, under the direction of A. Racinet, Paris, six volumes published between 1877 and 1886.
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